Aloe Vera

Many companies claim they use organic aloe vera in their products, but how can you tell which aloe vera products are  safest? At Terra, we select each of our ingredients with careful consideration for what’s safest for a baby’s sensitive skin. That’s why we choose only certified 100% organic aloe vera, that is free from any additives as one of our key ingredients. Unlike other wipes, which only are only effective at cleaning the skin, the addition of gentle, organic aloe vera to our wipes means they also offer natural protection and healing.

As any parent suffering sleep deprivation will attest to, diaper rash is chief among these skin conditions affecting babies. The good news is, aloe vera is a safe, natural remedy to relieve baby’s painful rash.

In fact a National Institute of Health study confirmed the therapeutic effectiveness of organic aloe vera on diaper rash, healing and soothing baby’s delicate skin. Aloe vera also contains infection-fighting antibacterial properties and anti-inflammatory agents like B-sitosterol, vitamins B and C, as well as minerals such as zinc, and skin-friendly vitamin E. In addition to diaper rash, it can be used as a topical relief for dryness, cradle cap, or any mild skin irritation your baby may be having a reaction to.

Soothing Aloe Vera

As a member of the succulent plant family, organic Aloe Vera has been widely used as a natural treatment for dermatitis throughout the ages. The clear, soothing gel found within the aloe plant has been applied as an ointment to treat varying types of cuts, scrapes, wounds, burns, and rashes for at least 6,000 years.

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