Bamboo is a multipurpose plant that has a long standing reputation because it’s a renewable resource – used for architecture, furniture, paper-making, clothing, sugar, martial arts, and more. On the other hand, perhaps due to its abundant and sustainable nature, bamboo is viewed as a weed. In the Guinness book of records, the bamboo claimed victory at 4cm an hour with one of its species listed as the fastest growing plant on Earth. Bamboo takes between three to five years for harvesting.

bamboo forest

Bamboo fibre – ‘Bamboo Kun’

Bamboo as a material is used as a fibre and fabric, centred at the forefront of ‘going green’ – a trend that began in the late 1980s that counteracted mass-production and stemmed from conscious values of consumption. Bamboo fibre contains a bio-agent called ‘Bamboo Kun’ that prevents the growth of bacteria on fibre that eliminates the need for chemical treatment as an eco-friendly and antibacterial fibre. Terra has repurposed bamboos natural benefits into a 100% biodegradable fabric that has been blended with special ingredients to create a gentle and pure cleanse.

Bamboo fibre cloth

Gentle, sustainably grown, 100% bamboo fibre makes Terra baby wipes fully biodegradable. With its natural anti-microbial properties, there is no need for added chemicals to fight odour or bacteria. As a rapidly growing resource, bamboo fibre is a sustainable, environmentally-friendly product, that requires no fertilisers, pesticides, irrigation or replanting in order to regenerate. The gentle softness of the bamboo fibre also makes it the ideal choice for your baby’s delicate skin.

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