German chamomile is a miraculous essential oil that has been recognized for its benefits to internal health for conditions and external health conditions such as Eczema, (Atopic Dermatitis) or allergic reactions for over two thousand years. This amazing herb is referred to by the Germans as “alles zutraut”, meaning ‘capable of anything’ because of its many healing properties.

For allergy sufferers, German chamomile is effective in bringing relief when allergies or baby eczema are present. Its anti-inflammatory, and pain reducing properties help to soothe the affected area while opening the area up to German chamomiles healing properties.

It is also high in anti-inflammatory properties. This means that it helps to reduce inflammation in the body due to infection or muscle strain. Along with this it also helps to reduce the pain associated with injury, infection or ezcema offering relief to the problem area and increasing blood circulation to help with healing.

As a natural antiseptic, German chamomile provides a gentle cleanse. It’s effective for cleaning the house, as well as for helping to clean out wounds on the body. It also helps to reduce bacteria from growing or forming in or on a wound or solid surface.

Nappy rash, skin allergies and baby eczema are the most common painful skin issues for both baby and parents, but with the help of German Chamomile essential oil, we’ve been able to create mild yet highly functional baby wipes that won’t cause skin irritation or further damage skin dealing with baby eczema.

Clinical Study into the effects of German Chamomile Oil on Eczema

A recent clinical study was performed on the treatment benefits of German Chamomile Oil on Atopic dermatitis (Eczema) in an effort to demonstrate German Chamamoile oil immunoregulatory potential for alleviating Atopic Dermatitis by TH2 cell activation.


What is Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema)

Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema) mostly occurs due to dysregulation of T helper cells type 1 and type 2 differentiated by what type of substance is released by each of the cells. Although any disruption in balance between these types of T helper cells can cause immunological diseases such as allergic reaction or asthma. Atopic Dermatitis is induced from an imbalance which favors type 2 cells. Although Atompic Dermatitis can be successfully treated using steroids antihistamines and immunosuppressive medicines its is concerning that other studies have shown long term us of these treatments may cause adverse side effects.

How does German Chamomile Oil Help

German Chamomile Oil is particularly effective as it contains three organic compounds that belong to the Terpene family. Its primary anti inflammatory and anti hisaminic effects come from the compound A-Bisabolol


Overall the clinical study into the effect of German Chamomile Oil on Atopic Dermatitis (Ezcema) showed that German Chamomile Oil possessed the ability to help T helper type 2 cell activation involved with Onset and progression of atopic dermatitis by suppressing overproduction of IL-4  from T helper type 2 cells. It also demonstrated a reduction in histamine release and the urge to scratch the affected area minimizing aggravation of skin.

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