Baby Nappy Change Cream
Nappy Change Cream
TERRA Baby Nappy Change Creame
Baby Nappy Changing Cream
Nappy Changing Cream 70g

Baby Nappy Changing Cream 70g

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Using carefully selected, gentle organic ingredients with soothing and healing benefits, our Nappy Change Cream protects delicate skin from excess moisture that can lead to nappy rash. Made exclusively in New Zealand.


- Shea Butter
- Kaolin Clay
- Zinc Oxide
- Organic Coconut Oil
- Castor Wax
- Calendula Oil
- Chamomile Essential Oil
- Rosemary Leaf Extract Oil

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Gentle On Your Skin

All Our Products Are

No harsh chemicals

100% Natural ingredients, Fragrance-free, Paraben-free and Alcohol-free

100% Made in NZ

Made exclusively in New Zealand

Safe for Newborn

Suitable for the newborn with sensitive skin and eczema

Nature, Pure and Eco-friendly

Certified organic ingredients, home compostable packaging