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We would like to offer you the opportunity to get a free sample packet of baby wipes from Terra Wipes and provide feedback for the first NZ made 100% biodegradable and 100% organic wipes. Limit one free sample per customer/address. Shipping cost is $6 any where in New Zealand or $10 to China.

Terra Water Wipes are a truly unique product, being the only water wipes made in New Zealand and using local water, which makes up 99.7% of the ingredients added to the wipes. All our wipes have undertaken intensive testing. Thus giving users the confidence that Terra Water Wipes are the most pure and natural New Zealand wipe you’ll use. Using the pure gentle hydrating powers of NZ water added to the softest sustainably sourced Bamboo Fibre cloth, Terra Water

Terra Manuka Honey organic wipes, the uniquely New Zealand baby wipes. Manuka Honey is famous around the world for its incredible natural antibacterial properties. Additionally, Manuka Honey has antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits as well. We source our certified Organic Manuka Honey from the pristine Leptospermum scoparium bush of the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand.

Terra’s organic Goat Milk moisturizing baby wipes, takes advantage of all the benefits of the 99.7% pure New Zealand water with the added benefits of certified organic Goat’s Milk. Goat’s Milk provides naturally moisturizing properties without the need for chemical additives. Goat Milk naturally contains a mix of Vitamins, Minerals and Cream. In the mix of Vitamins, which include B1, B6, B12, C, D and E, Goat Milk is especially high in Vitamin A which is know to repair skin tissue and maintain healthy skin. Goat Milk contains important Minerals with high levels of Selenium which is known to help repair skin. Finally the Goat Milk contains cream with high moisturizing traits.

All our wipes are complemented by Aloe Vera and Vitamin E hence these wipes are the perfect wipes for any baby with sensitive skin and prevents any rashes. We also use Amino Acid and Chamomile to provide antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties.  Along with this every time you use Terra wipes you will feel proud that you’re helping the environment because Terra is 100% biodegradable and packaged in recycled plastic, Terra is looking after your baby today and for their future.

We hope you enjoy your free sample baby wipe.



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