Soy Bean Amino Acids Antibacterial Powers

Natural soybean amino acid is the safest and most natural means of protecting against bacteria and viruses.

So, how did we come to discover the power of natural soybean amino acid? The story actually begins way back in 1931,  Japanese Farmers discovered its antibacterial property’s were effective to keep their food fresh for longer.


These farmers would place natural soybean in water for 20-30 hours. Once the soybean was softened, they would then crush the beans, collecting the white liquid as they did so. The beans were then added back into the water, along with an extract from a crab shell, filtering it many times over until finally the liquid became crystal clear.

The farmers would mix this antibacterial liquid into the food they wanted to keep, as extended the shelf life of their food for a long time, while keeping it free from odour and safe to eat.

It got our founder thinking: how else could this natural preservation technique be used?

Meanwhile, he discovered that amino acid added a positive ion exchange with water that would break bacterial cells and cause protein to leak until the bacteria had been killed. By combining this with the traditional soybean extract, he created a completely revolutionary organic antibacterial agent. This new agent would meet the antibacterial strength and safety standards required by the Society of Industrial Antimicrobial Articles and go on to acquire certification with the SIAA mark.

While it might sound simple, this solution didn’t come easy. It took three generations of hard work, thousands of trials, many tests – and many failures – until 1992 when we would finally reach a result we were completely confident in. Now, this unique combination provides the foundation from which we create the organic, naturally cleansing, gentle baby wipes that you love today.

Creating safe and effective products has always been our commitment – no matter how long it takes us to find the perfect solution.

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