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Little Sprouts is an entirely volunteer-run charity dedicated to ensuring that ALL BABIES in New Zealand get nappies, baby wipes, clothing and suitable sleeping equipment.

We give away FREE life-changing baby boxes filled with Nappies, Baby Wipes and other essential items to vulnerable families, containing everything a baby needs at birth, plus extra health and safety items. We also provide safe sleeping spaces, strollers, baby baths, high chairs and more wherever needed.

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When I saw these wipes I was very intrigued because of the maukau honey words on the packet. Also bamboo jumped out of me and so it made me want to try them more. This honey is what I use on my kids for cuts and major scraps so trying in wipes was a bonus. They don’t have a strong as smell which I like cause I can’t stand strong smells that are going near my kids.

Feeling the wipes they are a decent size and I noticed right away they aren’t soaking wet like other wipes but I couldn’t be fully sure until I had used a whole packet which we did get through and even the bottom wipes were moist but not soaking wet.

Now of course for a baby wipes review I used them for bums as I have 4 kids and two in nappies the best part was I only needed 1-2 wipes for a poo bum clean up instead of who knows how many. As I use cloth nappies some accidentally went through the washing machine and came out not fully destroyed but I was able to use one more time before it putting into the bin. I’m not sure if this was just an accident as there were lots of cloth nappies in that wash or they actually do hold up in the machine I wasn’t able to test it further but keen to try again. Also found these were great for hands and faces because of the great factors in the wipes I was happy for them to be used on my child with excema for noses they were lovely and soft.

Other things we used for was marks on our couch from food to snot. Great for our car trip to auckland which is a two hour drive as you can let kids take them out of the packet knowing they will only get one wipe not a handful in one go. We cleaned the dash of the car and carseats too.

These wipes are awesone they price is higher than I would pay normally but with no wastage by only pulling out one at a time then it’s worth it. They Def are a fav now with them being dryer than other ones I was amazed and the size of them perfect. I will be buying another packet

I took my time testing this product out in as many ways I could conjure up – but despite taking lots of pictures, I found most of them were quite unusable because the children I was targeting just could not sit still and pose! Action shots are all very well, but when they consist of a blur then there is not much point to them. However, the wipes did what they were intended to do so I ended up very pleased with the results. I tested them on three lots of people – an elderly aunt, who lives in a retirement village and just loves chocolate; two of our own children who are in their late teens; and finally, our twins and their younger brother and sister.

Auntie was the first to try them. As I mentioned, she adores chocolate, especially if they have a little liqueur inside! However, she is quite frail and often drops things. She ate the whole bar (having offered some to me, knowing that I don’t really like chocolate so was sure to leave it all for her) and as usual she had dribbled a little, so I offered to help her clean up. She objected but quite half-heartedly; I compromised and took two wipes from the pack, one for her and one for me. Then I asked if she liked them. She had not realised they were disposable wipes and was impressed by how thick they were. She also liked the softness against her skin. Round One to the wipes! But she refused outright to let me photograph her – she said she might break the camera! I guess at 90 she has a right to her privacy.

Next to try them were Mr 16 and Miss 18. They had just come in from Saturday sports; Mr 16 had the most impressively dirty knees that I had seen for a long time, and Miss 18’s face was streaked with a combination of sweat and dust. I suggested that they could try the wipes instead of heading for the bathroom and decorating the sink as they usually do. Miss 18 was fine with that. She examined the packaging first as she is determined to save the planet, and gave her tick of approval to the wipes being biodegradable. She then cleaned her face and assured us that the experience left her skin feeling smooth and relaxed. Mr 16 was not so sure that they would clean his knees adequately, but agreed to try. Six wipes later his knees were clean, but I think it was a waste of resources for him – probably in his case a shower might have been the better option.

The little ones were the last to try them out, and I finally managed to get a photo of Miss Three as she cleaned her chin. The four of them had been playing dress-ups and had been parading round in various combinations of clothing. Great fun for a wet day when they were stuck in the house if a little messy! Miss Three had gone one further; she had rubbed talcum powder into her face and tried to add some lipstick, but she missed her mouth and decorated her chin instead. Luckily, I had the wipes with me! She insisted on doing it on her own, and the result was quite passable.

Having these baby wipes reviews by a range of people, I am impressed by how well it coped. Everyone cleaned up nicely; even Mr 16’s knees were presentable once more (if at a cost!) The wipes are not cheap, but for most clean-up jobs one would be enough. I can see that they would be useful for travelling, especially for babies and toddlers when a nappy change is needed. Facilities on planes are very confined so the wipes would be a much easier alternative to using a damp cloth. They are sturdy enough to withstand rough treatment: in fact, as mentioned, my aunt thought they were made of cloth. And the pack seal is strong, unlike that on some wipes which dry out too quickly because the air gets in.

Wipes are a versatile product in our house so they are generally just referred to as wipes rather than baby wipes as they are used by the whole family. I have children of mixed ages a young toddler, a 7 year old and a teenager who all make good use of wipes for varying reasons and I must admit I often reach for the wipes myself for general clean ups as they are so accessible and convenient and do a great job for many jobs. Water wipes are my preferred choice with children with sensitive skin as I love the fact they don’t have a lot of extra ingredients that could irritate the skin.

My teenage daughter who uses wipes to wash her face loves these wipes as being water based, they clean her face, removing any make up without adding oils to her skin or irritating it a lot of perfume based wipes make her sensitive skin on her face sting. Given these don’t have all those extra cleansing ingredients that the expensive make up removing wipes do they still do a great job and are effective in removing even stubborn eye make up. We did notice compared to other wipes we have used they are not as moist but she simply added a couple of drops of water to add a bit more moisture before using them to clean her face.

They are more expensive for a smaller pack size than what I would normally buy for my toddler for nappy changes and given we do go through a lot with multiple children using them I would probably struggle to pay that price weekly but do see it as a reflection on the quality of ingredients and the fact that the wipes are made from a biodegrable material which is obvioulsy better for the environment and sure to increase costs. The packaging is great we love the simple white with the writing defining what variety you have and what ingredients you will find in the wipes. The resealable packet is easy to use and seals well keeping the wipes fresh and moist between uses.

We definitely rated these wipes highly, great for cleaning sticky fingers, dirty faces, and changing baby bottoms. As I always have wipes with me when out and about in case my toddler needs a nappy change I have also found them great for when my toddler gets her sticky fingers on my phone screen or my glasses need a good wipe so I can see clearly again. While my little one has had a nappy rash I have found these wipes great to not add extra irritation during nappy changing or painful stinging from perfumes and other oils.

Wet wipes… probably the item which we go through the most in our house and we don’t even have any babies or toddlers living with us! When it comes to cleaning up wet wipes are my number one item to use, whether it be cleaning up Miss 6’s grubby hands and face, wiping up and spills or for general cleaning around the house such as table tops or bathroom sinks wet wipes are my go to either on their own or paired up with another cleaning product! When i say these baby wipes up for review I knew they would be worth me trying, Miss 6 and I both have sensitive skin and have reacted to other brands of wipes in the past so having these hypoallergenic ones on the market is great to see.

The first thing which caught my eye when I received this product was the design of the packaging and the many different words in a vibrant teal colour written all over the sides and top of the pack, I couldn’t help but be drawn to reading them all before I even considered looking elsewhere on the packet! As I read the words I was impressed by what I was seeing, the words showcased everything that was going for these wipes such as being New Zealand made, designed for sensitive skin, natural, organic ingredients and so in. As an allergy Mum and sufferer myself these things are so important to me, as a bonus I knew these would be a suitable product for many of the babies whom I look after in a daycare centre, however with the price tag they would be more for use at home only as I usually go through a pack a day at work and so this would be a rather costly product to use by the end of the week!

When I opened up the package I was impressed by the thickness of the wipes, I loved the texture of them with the little circular design and also thought they were of the perfect wetness, some wet wipes in the past I have found either to damp or to dry, these were just right! The only problem I had here was that I found they didn’t pull apart particularly well so I always ended up with more wipes than I needed at a time and had to scrunch the extras back into the pack!

One of the things which I used these wipes on was cleaning up the cats mess from eating, Molly always tends to make a rather big mess especially with water and meat and scrubbing this off the tiles is often a mission when it has dried a bit, however with these wipes it was a job made easy the meat came off with ease, which I feel partly was due to the texture of the wipes helping with the scrubbing process. The wipes were also great for cleaning Miss 6’s felt pen marks on the glass table tops and her hands and face after meals… she is a messy eater at times, and luckily she suffered no side-effects from using these.

A great product I will buy again if I see them on special, but one I otherwise I would not purely due to tot he higher than normal price.

The bag of wipes arrived which I was excited to try, I go through so many wipes in my house with cleaning, moping up spills, stain on the carpet, cleaning my baby and anything else that a mess pops up. I opened the bag and noticed the sticky tab was on tight so gave it a good yank open. I noticed the tab sticks back down again well, but this also makes it harder when trying to open the bag of wipes with one hand as I found you need one hand to hold the packet and the other to pull the tab open.

I noticed how thick the wipes were which is awesome as found I use less of them, which I guess makes up for the price of them as I would say they are not cheap for wipes and considering how many parents go through the cost would add up over time.

I was outside cleaning my car and my baby was in his walker, while I was busy washing the car I had not noticed he had walked him self over to the back of my partners truck and playing with his exhaust pipe. I turn around to see black from the pipe all over the walker table and his hands. I reached for the wipes and was amazed how well it cleaned the mess up, no extra chemicals or anything needed which was great. I took a picture of this as it worked well.

I did like these wipes and I would recommend them if you could afford them, as yes they do cost more then other wipes I use but they last and they are thicker so I would use one instead of two at times. They are great also being organic and New Zealand made and a lot healthier especially if using on your babies face and bottom. My partner said he was not a fan of them though so it is a personal choice if you like them or not.

It has been a while since wipes have been required for wiping babies bottoms in my house, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still use wipes, they still come very much in handy. If, when I had wee ones in my house, I had seen these on the shelf, I would have been greatly put off by the price and not bothered with them at all. The packaging looks nice and simply but makes sure you know what to expect from the product. Opening it up I expected to smell some honey, but there wasn’t a trace but even better, there was no scent at all to these (some I’ve used before have smelled horrid).

These days I base some of my purchases on how easily my eight year old can use it, and she struggled to get just one wipe out at a time, something that we soon found was the same for everyone. Sometimes you would pull out just one but other times it came out in a clump and you had to find other things to use the wipes on, as you couldn’t just jam them back in. A complaint about the packaging was that after multiple uses, the top began to tear, which meant that you start to have to use them up quicker lest they dry out and therefore no longer be able to do their job.

I decided to try these with cleaning the girls hands after they got icky and sticky from whatever they had eaten, and they did a nice job. They also commented that these felt nice on their faces. For me, I found these didn’t effect my sensitive hands and I didn’t feel like I needed to rinse my hands off afterwards. I enjoy using wipes for small cleanups where spray and wipe isn’t necessary, and so I used a wipe to clean the class on my fireplace and it did a fab job. The next test in my baby wipes review was on the hearth, some kindling had fallen out and been left to burn, I used one wipe to clean up the marks left and was delighted that one was all it took and the wipe held its shape.

The wipes are versatile, price wise they’re too expensive for my family and with a wrapping that will fail, not worth me buying a pack just for myself. Beyond that, this was a good product.

Although I am past the baby stage and don’t need baby wipes for little bottoms, I still have two girls that like to get dirty so I like to keep a stash in the car and in the bathrooms. They are also convenient for cleaning up spills and giving surfaces a quick wipe down when I’m in a rush. Prior to receiving these wipes, I had just bought a cheap packet of baby wipes so I was interested to do a baby wipes review comparing the two.

The Terra Wipes come in a nice crisp white packet with text emphasising that they have organic ingredients, are hypoallergenic and are alcohol and paraben free. My one gripe with baby wipes is the plastic opener and I hate it when it rips and you are left with exposed baby wipes that usually dry out. I made sure to open slowly so the packet didn’t rip and pulled out a wipe. I noticed that as soon as you pulled a wipe out, another one would follow and you then had to push that one back in the packet before you could reseal.

The wipes are a good size, considerably thicker than the cheaper branded wipes and are slightly textured. They had an appropriate amount of moisture without being too dry or wet and were effective in removing the chocolate sauce from my daughters face. The wipes have “the prized natural healing properties of Manuka Honey” but are completely fragrance free. These are definitely premium wipes which is reflected in the price. Although these are really great wipes, the price is off-putting and I would be loathe to use one of these to clean a surface!

Who ever created baby wipes needs a medal – they are the most amazing creation ever. I can no longer imagine life without them. Since having two children they were the one consistant item we used. From wiping their toshies, cleaning faces/hands/bodies, to wiping booga noses, cleaning high chairs, vomiting – you name it baby wipes took care of it!

Fast forward some 5 years years since using nappies we still use wipes on pretty much a daily basis. With animals/kids I do not like to use harsh chemicals so I use baby wipes for most of my house hold chores. They are so simple to use and the best thing once you have finished with them you just throw them away easy as. Also they are a godsend when we travel north as my eldest daughter always gets car sick over Mount Messenger or thru the gorge. They are perfect for wiping her face and hands and then wiping out the sick container.

Right on to the baby wipes review….. the other night my husband dropped bright blue paint on the carpet the call for the baby wipes quickly followed so thought this would be the perfect oportunity to try them out. The problem lay when your in a hurry and your panicing over the paint drying you can not open this packet quickly. My husband was screaching ‘how do you open it’ and threw to the side and grabbed the other wipes. Luckily the paint came out.

I sat down a couple days later to check the packet out and even at a quick glance it is not obvious where the opening is. I did however find it after reading the directions for use which said Peel resealable label back slowly so worked out was in front. I was also surprised to read that these are best used within a month of opening them. Which won’t be an issue for us just means won’t be leaving in the car. The other thing that did surprise me since made out of Natural Bamboo with Goats Milk I was hoping would mean flushable but these are still required to be placed in the rubbish bin.

I like to clean my bathroom at least once a week especially the toothbrush holders and my giant shell and babywipes are fantastic for these jobs. The towelette is rougher than I am used to and not as wet, it definitely was rather dry and although did a good job I am not sure how well they would go on a dry soiled bum or a pootobhia. I also cleaned the toilet seats and rims with them. I did like the size of each towel. Where as it did do the job I did have to add some water why cleaning my sink.

I do appreciate I am not the ideal canditate for this item but as I regularly purchase wipes for various reasons and occasions it is still good to see what is out in the market. I do find the product rather expensive and for the reason as well as its dryness I don’t think would consider purchasing again but for an organic product they were very nice to use.