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We believe that nature knows best. That’s why TERRA beauty products are only made with natural ingredients that have been rigorously tested to ensure that they provide the gentlest care for the most sensitive skin. Trust us to take the best care of your skin, whilst trying to do the best for the planet.



Leading Innovations

Seeking innovative and sustainable ways to create the best eco-friendly personal care products.

Eco-friendly Focus

A commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and protect the environment.

Nature, Pure and Simple

Made with more than 85% plant-based materials without any nasty chemicals

Dermatologically Tested

Well tested and proven to be a perfect choice for sensitive skin.


Best Face Wipes for Parents in New Zealand: The Greatest Selections for Your Family

Welcome to Terra! As a parent, we all know everyone would like their family's skin to be clean and beautiful. Our lines in facial wipes have the answer for busy parents on the move. May you require quick, efficient face cleansing wipes or it could be biodegradable, we have it covered.

Find the Best Face Wipe for Your Skin Type

Our best face wipes cater to the needs of any skin type with an absolute dedication to satisfying needs. People with oily skin may turn, in particular, to their best face wipes for oily skin that help control excess oil without drying out your skin. For sensitive skin, our gentle yet effective face wipes pack a punch in making sure your skin feels fresh and clean without irritation.

Sustainable and Reusable Alternatives

At Terra, we believe in sustainability. This is why we provide reusable face wipes and makeup wipes. It's good not only for you but for the environment too. Every time you use these products, you become part of the solution to waste reduction and a green planet.

Ideal for Parents on the Move

Our Makeup Wipes are great for Parents on the go. These are handy and lightweight, and make sure you can stick to your skincare routine wherever you go. Plus, our biodegradable face wipes are friendly to the environment—so travel with ease.

Best Makeup Remover Wipes

Our makeup remover wipes were designed for parents who wear makeup. Our towelettes are formulated to wipe off even the hardest-to-remove makeup, providing clean, refreshed skin. These wipes are gentle and yet powerful, with just a single swipe making taking off the makeup a breeze.

Baby Wipes and Bamboo Wipes for Your Little Ones

Not only do we sell our facial wipes, but the company also deals with some other good ones, such as baby wipes and bamboo wipes—perfect for babies, making their skin soft and clean. Besides, in our nappies section, we ensure you get everything and ensure your baby is clean and comfortable.

Why Terra Facial Wipes

High-Quality Ingredients: Our baby wipes contain the best formula ingredients, making them gentle on your skin yet effective in cleaning and removing impurities.

Choices for All: Whether it's facial wipes for oily skin or sensitive skin, or just a good makeup remover, we have the product.

Green: We care about the environment. Our biodegradable face wipes and reusable options will help you do away with disposables and save the environment.

Convenience: Our wet wipes are designed to suit active bodies, always moving without stopping. Whether you need a quick cleanse after a long day at work or during a travel trip, our wipes are just ideal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these facial wipes safe to use with sensitive skin?

Yes, the very face wipes can prove to be the best face wipes for sensitive skin, as no harsh chemicals are used and they are formulated to be delicate so that they will not irritate.

Can I use them on my children, too?

Our baby wipes and

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