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Biodegradable Nappies


Welcome to Terra – Your Eco-Friendly Nappy Destination

Are you a parent who searches for the perfect balance between convenience and sustainability? Look no further than Terra, your one-stop shop for eco-friendly nappies and baby wipes. We at Terra realize how important it is for you to take care of your young ones with the best of the products in hand while also doing our bit to save the planet for them.

Why Choose Biodegradable Nappies?

Our promise at Terra: Biodegradable nappies, free not only from harmful chemicals and plastics but also with the least amount of mutilation to the environment. Our biodegradable nappies are made up of sustainable material like bamboo and plant-based fibers, all devoid of harmful chemicals and plastics. By opting for biodegradable nappies, you not only consciously decide in favor of your child's well-being, but also for the good of the planet and the environment to make it clean and green.

The Range of Eco-Friendly Products

At Terra, we believe in giving parents a range of options in the line of eco-friendly. Right from bamboo wipes to compostable nappies, we have everything that'll make it easy for you, as a parent, and guilt-free all along. Available in packs of 80, our bamboo wipes are easy on your baby's skin and are biodegradable, making them perfect for nature-friendly parents.

More About Eco Nappies

The need of the hour is eco-friendly nappies, but it doesn't have to mean a lower standard of quality or performance. Our eco-nappies are highly absorbent and carry superior leak protection to ensure your baby stays dry and comfortable night and day. With an elasticized waistband and secure fastenings, our eco-nappies are snug and secure, ensuring comfort for your baby.

The Best of Both Worlds: Eco Disposable Nappies

For the parent who wants the convenience of a disposable nappy without the environmental guilt, these are the perfect solution. Made from sustainable materials free of harsh chemicals, our eco disposable nappies offer the convenience needed without compromise on eco-friendliness. Bye-bye, plastic-based nappies, and hello to a greener, cleaner alternative.

Give Your Baby Protection and the Planet a Break with Terra

At Terra, we're proud to immerse parents in top-quality, earth-kind products that put a priority on their child's health and well-being, as well as that of our beautiful planet. Our range of compostable nappies, antibacterial wipes, and more are guaranteed to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that with each and every nappy change, you can breathe a little bit easier.

Ready to join the ranks of eco-conscious parents? Browse our range of biodegradable nappies, bamboo wet wipes, and more. Take a stride toward a cleaner, greener future and generations to come. Order now at, and right with every nappy change.

Experience the Difference at Terra

With Terra, you are not just buying nappies and wipes. You're investing in a much more healthy and sustainable future for your child and this planet. Join us in making eco-friendly parenting convenient and affordable for all. Together, we can make a world of difference, one diaper change at a time.

Thank you for choosing Terra, where sustainability meets parenthood.

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