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Water Wipes

Welcome to Terra: Your Trusted Source for Pure Water Wipes

Terra knows that the primary concern of a parent is ensuring the safety of their little one. We specialize in providing an array of pure water wipes, with each product designed to be the gentlest on your little one's skin. Our products are made with purity in mind so they can earn your trust for your baby's delicate skin.

Discover the Purity of Our Water Wipes Our water wipes are manufactured with the cleanest water available. Our wipes are ideal for sensitive skin, as all that wets the wipes is water. Whether it's at home or on the move, our pure water wipes are made for you to clean your cutie without concern for the yucky chemicals.

Why Choose Our Water Wipes?

Purest and most Gentle: This pure water baby wipes is made of 99.7% water and a drop of fruit extract. Our product is alcohol-free and free of artificial fragrance, thereby gentle for a perfect clean.

Multipurpose: From diaper changes to hands and faces, you've got this. Our wipes are multipurpose.

Soft and gentle for delicate skin: Hypoallergenic, soft, and tender to your little one's delicate skin.

Water Wipes NZ: Quality to Trust At Terra, we are thrilled to provide the best water wipes NZ parents can trust. In our commitment to quality and the safety of our little ones, we make sure that what we bring to you from our store is the best for your little one. We understand what a parent in New Zealand needs and make every effort to meet your requirements.

Travel Water Wipes: Convenience on the Go Traveling with a baby can be daunting, but not anymore with our travel water wipes. Designed with portability in mind, these wipes come in convenient packs that easily fit into your diaper bag or purse, making sure a gentle cleaning solution is provided wherever you go.

Pure Water Wet Wipes for Every Occasion Be it a diaper change or a messy mealtime, our pure-water wet wipes are the perfect fix. They are not only effective but also safe for the baby's skin, thus providing a reliable and soothing clean every time.

Water Wipes Travel Pack: Perfect for Families on the Move

Ours is a travel pack without the frills. Designed to be compact and easy to carry, these are just the same as our full-sized wipes but in a more convenient form so you can be on the go.

Biodegradable Water Wipes: Caring for the Planet

At Terra, we strive to promote environmental consciousness. Our biodegradable water wipes are crafted for environment-friendliness, breaking down with ease for less waste and impact on the planet, and with the ease of being disposed of anywhere.

Water Baby Wipes: Soft and Safe for Your Little One

Our water baby wipes are specifically formulated for the soft skin of your little bundle of joy. Soft, gentle, and, most importantly, effective, they are an absolute necessity for all parents.

Bamboo Wipes: Natural and Sustainable

Other than our water wipes, we provide bamboo wipes, yet another excellent choice for the eco-conscious parent. Given that bamboo is sustainable, the wipes also are, hence biodegradable, ensuring almost no environmental impact.

Facial Wipes: Gentle Care for the Delicate Skin of Your Baby

Our facial wipes are the perfect means of gently cleaning your baby's face. They are so formulated with the same pure water that they are assured not to irritate when used daily.

Baby Wipes: A Mother's Essential

Baby wipes are a total requirement for moms anywhere. At Terra, we offer designs of baby wipes for all your needs. From diaper changes to mopping those little hands and faces, our wipes are an easy, hassle-free answer.

In addition to our vast line of wipes, we also have a line of diapers that are designed to keep your baby dry and comfortable. Match our diapers with our water wipes to ensure the best.

Wet Wipes for Multipurpose

Wet Wipes are multipurpose and fit for that. Be it a diaper change, spill, or wipe clean a surface, you are assured at Terra to get your wipes at their best.

Why Terra is the Best?

At Terra, we commit our efforts to parenting people to products that they will always trust. Our water wipes and other baby care items are formulated with the health and safety of your baby in mind.

Quality: We are committed to ensuring the finest quality and standards of safety, giving you peace of mind and peace for the best. We are also committed to ensuring environmental safety.

Parenting Focus: We know the struggle you go through daily and therefore, we want to make your life simpler with the use of our reliable and effective products.

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Check out our water wipes, baby wipes, and diaper—all available. Whether you are looking for a hassle-free travel pack of water wipes for on-the-go or biodegradable water wipes for the sake of environmental care, Terra's got your back. Shop now and experience the transformation that purely gentle, tender, and effective products will bring for your child during the care routine.

At Terra, we believe in lavishing nothing less than the best for your baby. We are reliable in bringing you the best, safe, and environmentally cognizant products. Thanks for trusting Terra, where baby care is our paramount mission.

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