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Buy One Get One Free - Free TERRA 20S Box Wet Wipes Deal

Get a 20S box of TERRA Wet Wipes (valued at $39.00) for free with every 70S box purchased.

How to get the deal:

1) Add any variety of 70S box Wet Wipes ($59.99) to your cart as a one-time purchase. It must be a full-priced box. Offer not valid with clearance sale wipes.

2) Add any variety of 20S box Wet Wipes ($39.00) to your cart as a one-time purchase. Notice how the price becomes $0.00.

3) Proceeed to the checkout, and the 20S box is yours for free!

Video demonstration:

Note: you are eligible for one free 20S box for every 70S box bought at full price. The 'flavour' of the two wipes do not need to match, i.e., if you buy a Goat Milk 70S box you can pick one of either Water, Goat Milk, or Manuka Honey for the 20S box. If you buy two 70S boxes, you are entitled to two free 20S boxes.

This deal cannot be combined with any other discounts or discount codes. Clearance sale wipes are not eligible for this deal as they are already heavily discounted. If you have a gift card, it can be used with this deal.

70S box contains 8*70 wipes, 560.

20S box contains 12*20 wipes, 240.

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